This is one of our favorite sites. The layout of this site makes for a very interesting and exciting dive. Home to resident Caribbean reef and nurse sharks, it’s definitely a favorite among divers! It is an inshore double ledge system with the deeper ledge in about 87 feet and the top ledge rising to […]

Beautiful twin ledges that lie south of the inlet in 70—90 ft. of water. These sites should not be missed, as the amount of marine life on them is unbelievable it is possible to encounter some larger life here. The lower ledge typically offers the largest abundance of marine life with a well defined profile.

This 15 to 20 feet ledge is in 65 to 90 feet of water. This ledge offers divers a glimpse at large schools of spade fish, tropical’s, and game fish, plenty of moray eels, goliath groupers.