This beautiful 8 feet ledge runs SE to NW and is decorated with lots of colorful soft corals, barrel sponges and rock crevices.

South of the Breaker’ Reef ranging 50 ft to the sand this long reef line with 6 feet ledges.

An artificial reef just south of the inlet made of large concrete culverts and concrete telephone poles. Schools of barracuda, sharks, spiny lobster, eels, grouper and spotted eagle rays can be seen here.

A beautiful 45 to 60 feet reef, this area is well known for turtles, lobsters and tropical fish.

This dome shaped patch reef rises 12 to 15 foot ledge above the sand.

A gorgeous area with scattered patch reefs on the inside and a honeycombed reef on the outside.

This reef has a 12 feet wide trench cut through the reef east to west and is 60 feet to the sand.

This reef features miles of continuous ledges, undercuts, crevices ranging from 42-60ft in depth.