The Danny sunk February 22nd, 2013 just north of the Lake Worth Inlet due to the combined efforts of the McCauley Family, Palm Beach County Diving Association, and Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program.

The Blue Heron Bridge, also known as Phil Foster Park, is a must do for any diver. It’s accessibility and variety of marine life make every trip memorable. ENTRANCE: 900 E. Blue Heron Boulevard, Riviera Beach, Florida 33404 G PARK HISTORY Phil Foster was considered a “pioneer” citizen in Riviera Beach. He was the owner […]

Located on top of Awesome Alley (aka mid—reef), on a section we call First Gully; this barge is covered with life. It sits in about 68 feet of water, the top rising to about 60 feet. Home to a resident hawksbill turtle and visited by loggerhead turtles, it has schools of silversides and copper sweepers […]

This 350 feet car ferry used to carry 800 people and some 200 automobiles across the Chesapeake Bay.

This large barge lies in 110 feet of water about 20 minutes north of the inlet. It is a photographers dream because of the beautiful corals that cover the entire wreck. There are several pictures featuring this barge in the Pieces Book – The Divers Guide to Southeast Florida by S&S Cummins.

This site has 3 wrecks, the Edsvag Freighter (aka the Owens), the Phillips Barge and the Rolls Royce. The marine life here is amazing. There are so many animals to see, including green moray eels, sharks, goliath grouper, turtles and schooling fish. This site is just 10 minutes south of the inlet.

The bulk of the corridor is composed of three wrecks (Mizpah, PC1170, and Amaryllis) that line up to form an amazing 1700 foot drift dive.

These 4 ships were turned over to the Palm Beach County’s Artificial Reef Program by US Customs as part of Operation River Walk, a program to eliminate drug smuggling operations on the Miami River.

This is one of our favorite sites. The layout of this site makes for a very interesting and exciting dive. Home to resident Caribbean reef and nurse sharks, it’s definitely a favorite among divers! It is an inshore double ledge system with the deeper ledge in about 87 feet and the top ledge rising to […]

Beautiful twin ledges that lie south of the inlet in 70—90 ft. of water. These sites should not be missed, as the amount of marine life on them is unbelievable it is possible to encounter some larger life here. The lower ledge typically offers the largest abundance of marine life with a well defined profile.

This 15 to 20 feet ledge is in 65 to 90 feet of water. This ledge offers divers a glimpse at large schools of spade fish, tropical’s, and game fish, plenty of moray eels, goliath groupers.

This beautiful 8 feet ledge runs SE to NW and is decorated with lots of colorful soft corals, barrel sponges and rock crevices.