Boat – Sea Scout


Island Hopper – Specs and Features
Length 30′
Capacity 14 divers

The Captain and crew of the are dedicated to pampering our divers with all the little extra touches. We like to have FUN! If you are looking for a cranky crew or crusty captain you will not find them here. We pride ourselves in treating you like the VIP you are. Dive at your own pace and time limits. If your experience dictates that you would feel more comfortable with a Dive Guide, just ask and we will be more than happy to arrange one for you. We do limit our dive times to 50 minutes for the 1st dive a full 45 minute surface interval and another 50 minutes for your second dive.

Boat History

The Island Hopper 30′ was originally developed over 3 1/2 decades ago to fill the need for a small, versatile commercial grade vessel with strength, durability and a long working life that could be bought for , and maintained at reasonable cost. Today it remains as true to those original goals as the day the first Island Hopper

Individually built to order using quality commercial grade components entirely hand-laid including a solid fiberglass hull with no coring, rugged durability and long life are the trademarks of Island Hoppers everywhere.

Over the years Island Hoppers have developed a devout following far beyond what the original developer foresaw. Fishing captains depend on Island Hoppers worldwide and the same is true for the dive, parasail, ferry and numerous other water-oriented businesses. With literally hundreds of Island Hoppers in service worldwide it has established itself as one of the premier work boats in use today, and we are proud to serve you with our Island Hopper.